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I don't get enough people to my site (have not had time to keep it updated, so devotees don't keep coming back) so the following discussion did not continue.

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I am adding this section on May 5th, 2006. Not long after Nara-Narayan sent me his letter I thought about it, and I concluded, for the most part, he is right. Basically what Nara Narayan said is that we must REVIVE the original Direction of Management (DOM), then ALL the other problems in ISKCON will be solved. I have written more about this in my conclusion (so-far) article Failure of the So-Called GBC.

Via Gadadhar das



Reply by Ameyatma das
Date: 1/26

Sriman Nara Narayan Prabhu, Dandvats at your feet.

My dear prabhu, I do not see that I am presenting any other plan. I do not acknowledge any negative aspect of your comment (if there was one), as it seems that you would rather dismiss my attempt to spark a public debate by brushing off my points as useless by way of being a different ‘plan’ then what you want to see done.

First, the only ‘plan’ I am presenting is that I am humbly begging that the senior men and those currently in position of managing now, please debate these issues openly and publicly. I do not see this as presenting any conflicting plan then what you also want.

Prabhu, we share the same basis. That is, we both are saying that the current system of management of ISKCON is NOT the system that Srila Prabhupad instructed to be followed or set up. That we both agree. We both agree that the current leaders (and ALL followers of Srila Prabhupad) must recognize this and we both agree that all the followers of Srila Prabhupad must demand that the system be restored. And we both agree that this will solve so many of the problems.

The ‘difference’, if you insist to make an issue of it, is, at least as I see it, that you are arguing that we must restore the Sys of Mangmnt back to the Original - Hard Written 1970 “Direction of Management” + 1974 addendum. And, I would assume that your logic for this is that this is the only officially signed formal document outlining how ISKCON is to be managed. Therefore, I would assume your argument would be that – in the absence of any other official addendums, all other changes in the system of management is fundamentally, and legally even, unacceptable.

I agree you have a very valid point. One that would seem to warrant a strong legal standing that if presented with proper council can be taken to court to enforce that the hard written DOM be formally taken up and followed by the ISKCON society.

I am not saying anything that would dispute your position. Again, though, if we were to point out a difference in our view, I would say that what I have asked to be debated regards additional letters and other directions that Srila Prabhupad gave regarding some of the specific duties and of the leaders. These may not have appeared as addendums, but they did not need to. The addendum of 1974 that you kindly sent provides sufficient evidence that Srila Prabhupad himself remained as the supreme authority in ISKCON and that the GBC were to simply execute his instructions. Thus, the instructions that he gave in 1972 that members no longer approach their diksha guru (Srila Prabhupad), but should take all guidance regarding management of the society, philosophy and personal problems, and should approach the senior devotees for such issues. Such directives by HDG ACBSP did not change any fundamental operation or function of the DOM, but rather defined or delineated specific duties of specific members within that management structure. In that directive the Supreme Authority of ISKCON – HDG ACBS Prabhupad also directed the devotees to no longer seek guidance from their diksha guru (he was the only diksha guru) and should seek guidance only from the senior men. So, again, this directive did not affect the DOM that he had formally written and instructed that we follow.

I see that we share the same goal. That to request the mangers reinstate the directive of 1972 – that devotees seek guidance from the senior devotees – not their diksha guru, is a step closer to reinstating the DOM – it does not conflict with it.

So, I will be happy to include the subject of the 1970 DOM in the discussion. I may create a branch-page for that subject if it warrants it.

Ys ameyatma das



Direction Of Management

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